Fresh Crunchy Pickles

Patriot Pickle knows pickles. With over thirty years experience, we manufacture the freshest barrel-cured refrigerated wholesale pickles and pickle products available to the Food Service industry.

What's your favorite pickle... Kosher Dills? Sours? Hot? Sweet Candied? How about Barrel Cured Sauerkraut and Pickled Tomatoes? You won't find a fresher, finer-quality, crisper pickle than we create here at Patriot Pickle.

Our products are manufactured under Orthodox Union (OU) supervision, and our processes meet the stringent quality and food safety standards of the GMP and HACCP. Restaurants, hotels, casinos, delis and universities serve Patriot Pickle products with confidence and pride... nationwide! » Learn more about Patriot Pickle

Patriot Pickle is a proud member of HACCP Silver
Committed to Food Safety &
Customer Satisfaction

Orthodox Union
Manufactured Under
Orthodox Union

SQF Certified Company
SQF Certified

Clean Label Pickles, all natural, no preservatives
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Custom Cuts and Packaging
Patriot Pickles' delicious pickle flavors are available in a variety of Custom Cuts and Packaging Options